Board Learning

As the name suggests, understanding how boards learn - and how they can learn more effectively - is a significant focus of this blog. Following are links to some of the essential posts exploring board development.

Formal Training and Orientation


Elements of a successful board training
Constructing a better board orientation
'Fly on the wall:' Better board orientation
Handbooks and orientation: Providing the foundation

Informal, Nonformal, Experiential Learning


Informal board learning: Some sources
Embedded board learning: Part 1
Embedded board learning: Part 2
So, what do boards experience?
The 70:20:10 rule of board learning
The challenge of board organizational learning
Focusing on informal, social board learning
Significant board learning
What does a board know?
Series: Boards as communities of practice



Board learning: Definitive posts (so far)
Board learning styles: Applying Kolb's model
Finding time for board learning
Andragogy: How adults learn
My (draft) board learning manifesto
Nonprofits: Never not learning
Nonprofit learning: Context-driven
Nonprofit learning: Meaning-infused
Nonprofit learning: More than training
Nonprofit learning: Adults learn in different ways
Nonprofit learning: Space for reflection
Nonprofit learning: Respect expertise
Nonprofit learning: Mission-focused culture
Characteristics of workplace learning preferences: Taking it to the boardroom
Four ways board members learn

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