Friday, September 9, 2016

Governance toolbox: Fundraising, faces, energy and organizational impact

Four quick, interesting links for this week's toolbox.

5 ways board members can boost year-end fundraising over goal -- Gail Perry is my favorite fundraising pro for one important reason: she recognizes the humanity, and natural hesitations, of board members. Her latest post is a good example. The "five ways" described here offer low-bar, high-impact potential contributions to one of your nonprofit's important fundraising needs.

The Seven Faces of Philanthropy -- What a great new "faces" resource! I've written about my affinity for Prince and File's Seven Faces of Philanthropy here before. I've collected several bookmarks on the framework over the years and shared them in different settings, including here. This new-to-me video overview is such a great new resource that I had to share with you. If you haven't read the book and discovered this fundraising framework, please change that today. (NOTE: I normally try to stay vendor-neutral with my book recommendations; but after finding yet another broken publisher link, I'm going for an always-reliable Amazon URL. Stating the obvious: your favorite bookseller, brick and mortar or online, will be glad to order a copy for you if it is not in stock.)
How to energize low-energy employees -- Board members aren't "employees;" but some of us do have low-energy periods, and some of us lower-energy personalities. Dan Rockwell offers a natural connection to governance work with his "how to find fire" recommendation: "If you want to ignite fire, help people find purpose." One would hope board members have no trouble "finding" purpose, but we may occasionally need help connecting the work of the day to it. (Speaking from very personal experience, my "low energy" board member challenges more or less always have been grounded in feelings of "what does this have to do with our reason for being here?")

Associations can make the world a better place -- I spend most of my energy working around and with social service agencies. This post, by Amanda Kaiser,  offered a quick perspective on impact from another part of the sector, associations. A nice break and reminder.

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