Friday, July 29, 2016

Governance toolbox: Supporting board member stewardship and storytelling

My apology for the late posting of this week's toolbox - I've been immersed today in a summer project that I hope many of you will find interesting and useful (like I trust you will find with this week's resources).

10 opportunities for nonprofit board members to tell stories -- One of the more basic challenges to encouraging board member storytelling can be identifying where they can tell them. Or, perhaps, it involves thinking beyond the usual suspects to create new venues and linkages on your behalf. In this post, Vanessa Chase Lockshin offers ideas to resolve that particular issue. Some may be familiar. Others will be new. Either way, it could be used to spark thinking within your board about ways to expand outreach via stories.

3 ways nonprofit board members can tell stories and raise money -- This one may look familiar if you followed a link provided in the previous post. Sometimes, we really aren't sure what stories we have to tell. This list starts that conversation and provides an initial focus for building board member capacity in this important outreach area.

Getting board members excited to say "thank you" to donors -- In this Movie Monday video, Marc A. Pitman shares a novel approach to helping board members understand the impact of thanking donors. Peer contact in donor stewardship has power. Marc brings that home here.

Success stories: Stand for your mission -- Finally, sometimes, we just need a little inspiration to get started. BoardSource's "Stand for Your Mission" resource - a great source of advocacy information and tools - offers a series of vignettes from nonprofits that have made the commitment to outreach.

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