Friday, June 3, 2016

Governance toolbox: Pinterest potpourri

Publishing these governance toolbox posts is only one way that I curate resources of potential value to nonprofit board members, CEOs, and students. I also devote significant energy to developing and nurturing a growing list of Pinterest boards on topics of interest to these audiences.

Today, I share an updated list of my favorite Pinterest boards focusing on nonprofit governance. A few spotlight resources posted on this site exclusively. Most capture a mix of writings and tools from an international pool of sources. There's something for everyone here.

A small disclaimer: while I tend to these collections regularly, a broken link or two is inevitable. If you find one while exploring, please leave a comment so that I can replace or delete the pin. Also, I'm sharing a select group of governance-related boards. If you don't see exactly what you seek in the list below, you may find it in one of the other boards on my Pinterest profile.

Nonprofit Board Essentials -- As the name suggests, this is a collection of posts and resources that offer a comprehensive but accessible picture of what it means to govern. They are, to me, governance in a nutshell.

Inquiring Nonprofit Boards -- The power of a great question - and an environment where that question can blossom into rich governance discussion - is the focus here. More recent pins come from my "Inquiring Nonprofit Boards" series, but the overall pool explores inquiry-related topics.

Nonprofit Board Dynamics & Boardroom Behavior -- We can have the strongest policies and bylaws, the most comprehensive recruitment and orientation processes, and the most pristine meeting agendas. And, yet, if we don't tend to basic human communication and collaboration issues, we will fall short. This board explores those challenges (and opportunities) from a variety of perspectives.

Engaging Nonprofit Boards -- How can board leaders engage members in meaningful work? This board offers a set of posts and resources for creating experiences and an environment for making those motivating connections.

Nonprofit Board Learning Environments -- This one holds a special place for me. It represents a year of focus here on creating learning experiences that prepare boards for effective performance. Emphasis is on "environments" - board learning, like adult learning more generally, takes place in more than formal settings.

Save Our (Nonprofit Board) Meetings! -- This board is a personal favorite, as well as one others have found especially valuable. How do we transform our meetings for governance greatness? You'll find a wealth of resources, with a range of recommendations, for learning how to do that.

Advocating for Nonprofits -- One of my newer governance boards, this one covers nonprofit advocacy and community outreach. At the moment, storytelling is a strong sub-theme. If you follow this link somewhere in the future, you may find that I've split that topic off into a separate board. For now, they're integrated - as they are in advocacy work.

Board Self-Assessment -- This board begs for expansion - as does my coverage of the topic on this blog. But what I've already pinned will be valuable for anyone interested in understanding how self-assessment can feed accountability and enhance board capacity. Follow the board so that you will be among the first to know when I add those new resources.

One Board Thing -- Another new board, with a handful of pins at the moment, capturing posts in my "One Board Thing" series. I anticipate that this one will be increasingly interesting and useful. The reason? The practical focus of the topics behind each pin.

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