Friday, May 20, 2016

Governance toolbox: Fiduciary, fundraising, future focus for nonprofit boards

Nonprofit knowledge matters: Candid conversations -- This excellent resource from the National Council of Nonprofits arrived in my Twitter feed right after I published last week's toolbox. I toyed with adding it to that post but ultimately decided it deserved its own spotlight. Within the post you will find a link to the NCN's "tip sheet to spark candid board conversations."At the other end of that link is a pdf file that raises six governance challenges, each with an accompanying practice tip. Our friends at the NCN help your board get a jump start on each conversation by offering hot-linked resources.

Fiduciary responsibilities of board members -- No, the fiduciary role isn't the only mode in which board members should operate. But it is an essential place for governance work. This Bridgespan post offers an excellent overview - complete with basic questions for working in that mode. While the web version is handy, the option to download for sharing with your board is an additional way to ensure that it will be accessible for ready reference.

The four key fundraising roles of your board of directors -- There are endless ways to conceptualize whether and how boards should be involved in nonprofit fundraising. The simplicity of this one caught my eye this week. You may not find the practical "how" that you ultimately need if this is a concern for your organization. But you will find a reminder that board member participation in the fundraising process does not inevitably end in asking someone for money.

An imperative for nonprofit boards: The time is now to step up your game -- This one has been buried in my "bookmark later" app for awhile. It caught my eye today, and I'm glad it did. The three practice suggestions posed in the middle of the post are excellent recommendations for deepening board understanding and leadership potential. They are examples of governance work.

SAFE Project - No more -- Finally, here is a local example of a video message created to support a nonprofit's mission. While this one is professionally produced, I hope that you can see it as an example of content that would not be a complete technological stretch. I share it, both because it's a nice little example of multimedia support in mission advancement (that can be added to your board members' outreach toolbox) and because it's an example of how board members themselves might be involved in getting the message out.

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