Friday, April 15, 2016

Governance toolbox: A board skills/jobs mix

This week's tools ended up being a mix of governance functions and group dynamics skills.

A quick guide to writing an impactful vision statement -- This post, by the great minds at Conscious Governance, offers a solid primer on the role and value of the vision statement. Having a strong vision that provides the foundation for a compelling mission is essential to nonprofit impact. If your nonprofit doesn't have a vision - and many I know do not - use this as a conversation starter. If you have one, use this as a guide for reflecting on how to make the most of it, especially in your strategic and generative work.

Do you serve your team or are you a self-serving team member? -- Jesse Lyn Stoner's post may be convicting for some - or most - of us. (I'll consciously admit to a couple - probably guilty of more.) And that's the point. It offers a chance for a bit of personal reflection and an opportunity to commit to adjusting our behaviors in the boardroom where necessary. It also can be a group conversation starter for identifying and affirming how we will and won't work together.

The 12 most important missing soft skills -- Might as well continue the group dynamics theme, because the right or wrong mix can make or break a board's effectiveness potential. This TrainingZone post takes a positive approach in proposing qualities that build the governance team's performance capacity. This also can serve as both an individual reflection opportunity - what do I bring and where can I step up - and a group conversation about the skills that it most needs to govern well.

39 ideas from AFPFC that will make you a smarter fundraiser in 2016 -- As someone who has both contributed to a conference backchannel and absorbed everything offered by the same, I appreciated Gail Perry's effort to share highlights from the recent Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) conference. Food for thought galore!

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