Monday, March 14, 2016

Question Week: Without resource constraints


"What would it make possible if an in-depth discussion about the future was held with resources completely off the table?"

Jane Garthson's question, offered in her excellent post "From Risk Aversion to Risk Wisdom," is the perfect follow-up to yesterday's opening offering. It asks us to remove one of the biggest obstacles to expansive vision development: missing the resources to implement it.

Now, no one's insane enough to believe resources don't matter. But if we constantly counter every big idea about the future with a "yeah, but...," we never move forward from where we are now. Jane says it best in her post. I'll encourage you to go straight to the source for her full explanation. But in a nutshell,  we don't generate excitement and commitment with tiny, incremental, "as we can afford it," baby-step thinking. We engage others, and attract resources, by offering a compelling vision of something we all want and need. We want to become part of something bigger than ourselves, and many of us will give - time, money, etc. - to do that.

How do today's resource limitations hamper your board's ability to create and advance the vision your community deserves? How can you use Jane's question to help your leaders break free of those limitations so that they can actually create that future?

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