Thursday, March 17, 2016

Question Week: Our leadership exemplified

"What is the one thing we made possible, as a governing body, that best exemplifies our leadership?"

What is your nonprofit board's leadership impact? Can your board name it? Describe it? Take pride in it? Hopefully, this will be a straightforward process: members already are clear about their unique leadership contributions to your mission advancement. If that is the case, this question can function as an affirmation that they are contributing something of value and having an impact as leaders.

For some, this question may spark an initially uncomfortable conversation about goals not yet set, impact not yet identified, leadership not yet fully realized. That can be a tough discussion if this is true.  If the answer is, "nothing," or "what leadership?," the board has an opportunity to rethink, redefine and act on a different leadership destiny for itself.

Which conversation would your board have if you pose this question? If it is the latter, do members have the willingness to admit falling short of their full leadership potential and the drive to change that?

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