Friday, March 11, 2016

Governance toolbox: Stats, exits, tears

This week's selection includes a mix of data, data presentation, work culture and fundraising humor.

Models and components of a great nonprofit dashboard -- Does your board use a dashboard to keep tabs on key performance indicators? Are you unfamiliar with dashboards and how they can inform board deliberations and accountability? Do you want to explore ways to make your dashboard as effective as possible? This recorded webinar offers answers to these and other questions about a tool that offers great potential for understanding and enhancing your impact.

15 reasons why nonprofit employees quit -- Is your nonprofit a healthy and productive place to work? Are you attuned to the cultural and structural factors that impact your employees' sense of satisfaction and accomplishment? This graphic can provide an opportunity to explore those and related questions, with attention directed to policy-level strategies and interventions.

Nonprofits in America: New research data on employment, wages, and establishments -- What impact does the nonprofit sector have on our local economies? There are myriad answers to that question, especially at the "local" level. This week, we gained access to a 35,000-ft. level description of sector economic impact. You'll undoubtedly want more detail at the state or even community level. In the meantime, you also may find value in this reporting of data gathered by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. It's a little dated; that's a common challenge with major surveys of this type. But it will give you a bit of additional, broad context for your own discussions.

"Hello from United Way" -- I laughed. I cried. I sang along in knowing recognition. As a former local campaign co-chair, let's just say this video adaptation of Adele's "Hello" by United Way of Bradley County rang familiar. It's a "tool" in the sense of offering a bit of release for anyone who's participated in a United Way campaign - and probably many who have played a role in any other major fundraising effort.

A word about what comes next:

In the spirit of Question Week, I'm planning a seven-day series featuring a provocative governance question beginning Sunday. Some will be questions I've asked. A few will be great questions posed by others. All will invite your board into a rich conversation about the leadership responsibilities that accompany nonprofit governance.

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