Monday, February 29, 2016

High-impact leading, learning: One path to nonprofit governance success

Ensuring that a nonprofit board has the kind of impact we expect of that body begins with a vision of nonprofit governance that is high impact. For too many boards, the job description just isn't set up to deliver what we say we want from our volunteer leaders.

If we want nonprofit governance that matters, we need to define nonprofit governance work in ways that matter. One framework that accomplishes this is Chait, Ryan and Taylor's Governance as Leadership, a revolutionary model that informed my doctoral research and shifted my entire nonprofit board worldview in the years since its introduction.

In a year dedicated to focus on high-impact board leading and learning, I must begin with grounding discussion about expectations and aspirations in a governance model that facilitates - demands - that work. For me, that framework is Governance as Leadership. It is not the only path to the kind of impact that we say we seek, but it is one that has the potential to lead us there. Whether a board accepts the framework as a whole or simply uses it as a guide for rethinking what we ask of our boards, there is value in using Governance as Leadership as context for discussing nonprofit board impact.

This weekend, as I was uploading the video above to the blog YouTube channel to share with a new group of learners, I realized that is also offers a launching point for the GAL-themed posts to come. It's long but worth a watch, a bookmark for later reference, and a share with your board.

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