Friday, February 19, 2016

Governance toolbox: Late-winter tidbits

Three governance-related items that caught my eye this week:

Infographic: 11 questions nonprofits should ask to assess their risk management practices -- The title says it all: This BDO post, offered in the form of an infographic, offers questions designed to engage nonprofit leaders in powerful discussions about the potential and role of risk in their mission areas and within their operations. They are examples of higher-level inquiry where board work needs to take place. Have you had these discussions yet?

3 questions: Warren Berger on why some leaders fear questions -- A brief video featuring an author discussed here many times, this may be worthy of sharing with your board as a centerpiece of a discussion about why questions need to be at the center of its governance work. I've occasionally encountered board members who may not have feared questions but who found the idea that their role was more than dispensing answers occasionally challenging. That's their primary role in other areas of their lives; it's one where they feel quite comfortable. That mindset may contribute to push-back that may be familiar to some here: the idea that setting aside time for questions and open discussion takes away from "real work."

Creating a mission statement that transforms a community -- The latest Movie Monday offering deserves a wide viewing and discussion among nonprofit leaders. How do we frame our purpose? The work that we do to meet that purpose? To engage others in that purpose? To create the change that we say we want to make in the world? Please share. Then discuss.

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