Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Live stream: Facilitating, motivating nonprofit board member ambassadorship

How do we make the case for board member ambassadorship - reaching out on our behalf with stories of mission impact to their personal and professional networks? How do we support board members in that work and facilitate their success?

Tomorrow (1/27), I sit down with my friend, Emily Davis, to discuss these questions and more in a live-broadcast interview on Blab. Emily is president of Emily Davis Consulting, a full-service, Colorado-based practice that provides a range of training, facilitation and consulting services. Emily is a BoardSource-certified trainer and true expert on all things governance. She also is the author of a book that should be on every nonprofit's shelf, Fundraising and the Next Generation.

Our interview begins at 11 a.m. Mountain (10 Pacific, noon Central, and 1 p.m. Eastern). I shared the direct link to the session in last week's governance toolbox post; but I also want to provide a live-stream option here, as I did with my previous interviews. You should be able to watch live in either location. Tech gods willing, an archived recording also should appear here after the event.

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