Friday, January 22, 2016

Governance toolbox: A wintry mix of nonprofit board goodness

Take off the winter chill with an eclectic mix of governance-related goodness this week.

Inspiring and empowering your nonprofit board ambassadors with Emily Davis -- I'm thrilled about my next live Blab interview for two reasons. One, my guest is one of my favorite governance thinkers (and friends), Emily Davis of Emily Davis Consulting. Two, we're talking about one of her areas of expertise and and a spotlight topic for the blog this year: engaging nonprofit board members as ambassadors for your organization and your mission. We'll be live-streaming our conversation on Blab at the link above on Wednesday, Jan. 27, at 11 a.m. Mountain, 1 p.m. Eastern, 10 a.m. Pacific. As with my previous two interviews, I'll also embed the live stream in a post on this site, allowing you to watch on the blog itself. An archived version of the discussion will be made available as a more permanent record of our talk. Emily is one of the most creative minds I know.  You'll want to benefit from her deep expertise on this important topic.

Great Boards Newsletter (Winter 2015-2016) -- This link takes you to a PDF download of the latest issue of the American Hospital Association's excellent publication. While readers connected to hospitals or other nonprofits in related fields may find value in the entire issue, I'm sharing for the lead article written by Pamela Knecht, "Committees: The Key to Generative Governance." Finding quality sources on generative governance always is a thrill, because they're few and far between. This is a good one, especially for centering that critical creative work in a place where impact can be huge: our committees.

Got a fundraising-resistant board? Ask these 11 questions -- If we're honest with ourselves, most of our board members do not yelp "Wahooo!" at the prospect of participating in the fundraising process (Those of you for whom that is the case have our collective awe - and a mild case of envy.). For those of us in this more common situation, Amy Eisenstein provides a solid list of discussion questions designed to generate board conversation about the need for external financial support and, hopefully, some additional context for why their participation in that process is important.

How to generate word of mouth marketing for your nonprofit -- Who are your superfans? How do we create board member superfans? This Movie Mondays video isn't board-specific, but it's germane to the year's theme and to my coming talk with Emily. I offer it as much for context as it is for a specific action resource. I also offer it with encouragement to share with your board, using it as a starting point for a discussion about the myriad ways they - and other superfans - can spread your mission and impact stories.

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