Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A comfortable fit for the ambassador hat: encouraging board member outreach

How do we move nonprofit board members from focus on memorizing a generic 'elevator speech' to sharing their personal, authentic stories? How do we prepare and support them as they help to connect potential supporters to our nonprofits and our missions?

My friend, Emily Davis, and I covered those questions and much more today during an hour-long interview on Blab. The chance to pick Emily's brain on the value of fostering our board members' ambassadorial responsibilities - and to share the experience with you - was too good to pass up. She didn't disappoint!

The previous post here features an archived version of the Blab stream. However, as with the other interviews conducted on that platform, I'm also sharing an embedded YouTube version. That way, if Blab goes away or changes how it functions in the future, we'll still have an accessible version of our conversation.

By the way, I realized today that I haven't yet shared a link to what sparked all of this: Emily's excellent post, titled "Moving from the Elevator Pitch to Ambassadorship." I know you'll enjoy not only listening to the wisdom shared in our discussion but also the counsel offered in her original article.

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