Monday, December 14, 2015

Tuesday live feed: John Fulwider board chair/CEO relationship interview

To ensure that you have the easiest path possible to tomorrow's (Dec. 15) live Blab interview with John Fulwider, I'm setting up this post with an embedded link to the feed.

John and I will be discussing his research on the nonprofit board chair/CEO relationship, which he describes in detail in his must-read book, Better Together: How Top Nonprofit CEOs and Board Chairs Get Happy, Fall in Love, and Change Their World.

Blab willing, you should be able to simply return to this post at 11 a.m. Mountain time (10 Pacific, noon Central, 1 Eastern) to watch the interview as it happens (Sorry for the giant face in the countdown version.).

In case technology fails, I'll also give you a direct link to the Blab session. You'll find that link HERE.

I'll also post a recorded YouTube version of our conversation after the fact. An archived copy should also appear here as well, but social media platforms can be transient things. The back-up will ensure that we'll have a version regardless of Blab's future status.

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