Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Talking shared nonprofit board leadership, strategic decision making with Max Freund

As promised, I'm sharing the video from this morning's Blab session with organizational consultant and governance scholar Max Freund. In the hour-long interview, we talked about the foundations of research he's preparing to conduct on shared leadership and strategic decision making in nonprofit boards. 

Max is a partner and co-founder of LF Leadership, a California-based firm providing coaching, facilitation, planning and other capacity-expanding services to international clients. We share a common interest in boardroom processes. The work he describes, which will inform his doctoral dissertation for Claremont Graduate University, promises to be a major contribution to our collective understanding of what it takes to create inclusive, expansive board leadership.

I've already warned Max to expect a follow-up as his work unfolds. This is important work, worthy of the spotlight it's destined to receive once completed.

Contact Max via the LF Leadership link above, via the agency's Facebook page, or on Twitter.

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