Friday, September 25, 2015

Governance toolbox: September potpourri

We close September's toolbox posts with a monthly potpourri of random governance linkage.

Are these the worst micromanagers? -- Lucy Marcus never fails to inspire or challenge my thinking in new ways. This post, on a particularly tricky (and often common) board malady, is an excellent example of why that is true. How does you board avoid the micromanagement trap? Lucy offers counsel of value for both nonprofit and corporate governing bodies.

The leadership behavior employees most want -- ...and board members, too. Nothing kills board member motivation quicker than feeling one's contributions are not respected. (I speak from experience.) Dan Rockwell's post identifies 10 actions that foster a feeling of disrespect, as well as seven ways to show respect. It should be required reading for board leaders. Just saying...

From Bored to Blazing: 7 Steps to Get Your Board Reconnected, Re-engaged and Enthusiastic -- Oh, Gail Perry. How I love your understanding of the human beings who serve on nonprofit boards... What I appreciate about her seven steps (and pretty much everything she writes) is the fact that she meets board members where they are and works from that point, rather than from expectations that are often unclear and occasionally daunting.

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