Friday, July 3, 2015

Governance toolbox: A few nonprofit boards-focused Pinterest treasures

Normally, I reserve this weekly "toolbox" space for found resources created by others that offer something to make nonprofit governance easier/richer/more effective. It's a rare thing for me to include a source that I developed.

Today, I'm breaking my own informal rule and sharing links to several of my governance-focused Pinterest boards. Well, I'm somewhat breaking the rules. While some boards clearly feature my own work and most have at least a couple blog posts from here, the majority of the resources shared on these boards represent some of the best thinking and tools created by others.

I launched these boards partly for my own reference but mostly as online handouts for workshops that I do and ready resources for sharing when I receive requests for information.

A quick how-to, if you're not familiar with Pinterest: Click on a "pin" that you want to view, then double-click on the larger version that will pop up. That will take you to the original source/website.  Also, a disclaimer: while I try to keep these boards up to date, there inevitably will be a broken link somewhere (especially if you're reading and clicking weeks or more after this post is published). It's the web. It happens. If you're willing, please leave a comment on the pin that led to the broken link so that I can see and replace or delete it.

Nonprofit board essentials -- When someone seeks a general view of what it means to serve on a nonprofit board, I send him/her to this board. It's undoubtedly more than the person really wanted to know, but it represents the best thinking and the richest perspectives on what nonprofit governance really entails. Be on the lookout for the sources by Alice Korngold,  Lucy, Marcus, Cathy Trower, Gayle Gifford and Kevin Monroe. They're some of my all-time favorites. It also includes some of the foundational "boards 101" posts that I've published here.

Generative nonprofit boards -- This is my go-to source for questions about the Governance as Leadership model and generative governance specifically.  Note: this one definitely is a moving target. For some reason, resources on GAL come and go quickly. While I'm always checking and updating sources on this board, I can almost guarantee a broken link, whenever you're accessing.

Nonprofit board dynamics and boardroom behavior --  So many challenges to effective nonprofit governance boil down to garden-variety human interaction foibles. This board looks at ways to not only overcome interpersonal dust-ups but build team effectiveness and cohesiveness. It's one of my personal-favorite boards.

Engaging nonprofit boards -- This board emphasizes tips and techniques for bringing out the best thinking and work from individual members and the board as a whole.

Save our (nonprofit board) meetings! -- As the name suggests, this board's primary focus is on building meeting agendas and environments that bring out the best in board members and the best decisions for our organizations.

Building board community -- Grounded in the central idea of a book I'm writing, I connect the resources here to one or more of the three components of Etienne Wenger and Jean Lave's community of practice framework.

Must-read nonprofit board resources -- A listing of my favorite governance-related books and sites. I try to remain retailer-neutral in my links, choosing to pin from the publisher's site or Goodreads. Every one of these titles deserves to be, if not in your personal library, your local nonprofit organization's library. Better yet, share this list with your community library so that some may be purchased and made available for everyone who serves on a board.

Leading nonprofit boards -- This board features blog posts and other online sources that discuss various aspects of leadership that board and committee chairs (and others) may find valuable as they consider their approach to the significant responsibilities they assumed.

Inquiring nonprofit boards -- You know I love a good question and value the central role that inquiry should play in nonprofit governance. This set of resources explores those two ideas in greater detail and offers ideas for how to enhance their role in the boardroom.

Several other boards on my Pinterest profile address nonprofit governance topics. Click here to access all of my public boards, including those additional resources.

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