Thursday, April 16, 2015

Governance toolbox: The power of video

Two different videos, valuable for very different reasons,  popped out as I was considering what to share this week. Enjoy!

The power of words -- Such a powerful little video. There is so much to love about - and learn from - it that apply to the work that nonprofits, and nonprofit boards, do. Rather than tell you how to share it with your board, I'll share it with you and invite you to (a) actually share it with your board and (b) tell us about the messages you find share-worthy in a comment below.

Why have a board retreat? -- Amy Eisenstein's latest video makes a great case for building in regular space, via a board retreat, for bigger and more expansive thinking required of nonprofit governance. As much as I harp on the need to embed this in the our governance routines, I also acknowledge that setting aside larger blocks of time to really explore, learn, and commit. If the costs associated with scheduling a retreat are problematic, particularly when it comes to engaging a trained facilitator, take note of Amy's Plan B: offering a CEO trade to play that role. While chief executives do not necessarily have the full facilitation skill set, they at least can act as neutral process leaders so that everyone can be fully involved in retreat discussions and activities.

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