Friday, May 2, 2014

Meet Kajsa: the girl behind the BDAR miracle

This, dear readers, may be an ultimate example of a nonprofit mission moment. Meet Kajsa, the former rescue dog that sparked the mission behind Cheyenne, Wyoming's Black Dog Animal Rescue.

I've watched and appreciated BDAR's lifesaving work for a few years now (and seen several photos of Kajsa in founder Britney Wallesch's Facebook feed). I've visited with Britney about her work and the organization. I've watched success story after success story, even as volunteers work to save even more lives the moment foster space frees up (and, yes, I've written checks in response.).

This little girl, now senior citizen, is the model for BDAR's logo and the inspiration for the miracles that have happened through the generosity and compassion of those volunteers.

Even through the inevitable tears, I recognize a powerful mission moment when I see one. Kajsa's story is a particularly compelling example for this pet parent. I'll be giving my own black dog a jumbo-sized hug and kiss in Kajsa's honor tonight.

What stories can you share with board members (and others, through them), in and out of meetings? What inspiration can they draw from hearing about the lives you change or save? What are your "Kajsa" stories that they need to hear and share?

(P.S. If the spirit moves - to write your own check, adopt a black dog [or dog of any color] - after watching, please act on it. )

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