Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Your burning board questions for 2014

What questions about nonprofit boards/governance confound, compel and/or inspire you as we approach 2014?

I've been immersed in that question personally for a few weeks now, and I'm interested in comparing notes with readers and members of my personal learning network.

I'll be posing the question in different venues in the next week: here, on Twitter, via email, on the blog Facebook page, etc. I'll compile responses, sharing some of them in a future post and using all of them to inform my writing agenda for the next year.

To make it as easy as possible to contribute your questions - anonymously, if you prefer - I've set up a one-question survey:

If you prefer, you also may post your contribution via a comment to this post or via email (address can be found on the "about" page). I'm deeply interested in your thoughts about the conversations about our boards and the work that they do as we approach a new year. I'm especially interested in questions from board members, as this blog ultimately is for you.

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