Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wisdom Wednesday: Leaders as learners

Given the name of this blog, and my adult education background, it shouldn't be a surprise that this quote caught my eye. It's as true in nonprofit governance as anywhere: If we want to make an impact, we cannot rely on the same old (and often dysfunctional) ways of thinking and acting. We need leaders who are not only open to new ideas and information but who are willing to actively seek them out.

It is not "too much to ask of volunteers." As I wrote elsewhere, intellectual curiosity should be a bottom-line criterion of all board members - especially our leaders. They can't be content with the status quo. Ideally, they are modeling lifelong learning that fuels generative governance.

(Quote comes from Kouzes and Posner's e-book, "Great Leadership Creates Great Workplaces.")


Marion Conway said...

James Kouzas and Barry Posner are always insightful on leadership - Great quote for Wednesday Wisdom

Marion Conway

Debra Beck, EdD said...

I'm grateful for the feedback, Marion, and I agree! Kouzes and Posner are perpetual sources of inspiration and new approaches to leadership for me, and this new e-book was no exception.