Friday, September 27, 2013

Governance as Leadership: My latest attempt to articulate a revolutionary board model


As Chait, Ryan and Taylor's Governance as Leadership model continues to form the foundation for all of my work and thought on nonprofit boards, I'm finding new ways to articulate the essential messages of that model as I interpret them.

I created this video for another purpose, but I also anticipate that readers here may find parts (or, hopefully, all) of it of value. I'd love to have your feedback on the content, as having opportunities to talk through these elements with others expands my own understanding and my capacity to share effectively with others.

A qualifier before you watch: I'm not the family broadcaster. I tend to do best with screencasts like this if I allow myself to simply talk through what I'm thinking, versus as if I were giving a formal presentation. The result tends to be slightly less polished, but more authentic representation of my understanding of the content being shared. In this more personal setting, I trust that that will be okay.

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