Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wednesday Wisdom: The difference between responsible & exceptional board performance

When I re-read this quote this morning, two "board member me" reactions popped into my head. The gut-instinct response was, "Darn. We'll never live to see that day..." The more productive was, "Wow. That needs to go on the quote wall - and serve as our rallying point for the next five years."

For many boards, the gap between this ideal and reality might paralyze - at least temporarily. May I suggest  working on one area in the next year as a starting point? For example, commit to creating and adopting an effective board self-assessment process and watch how it transforms other areas of your board's performance.

What meaningful step can your board take to move it closer to exceptional governance?

(From a board library "must" title: The Handbook of Nonprofit Governance [2010].)

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