Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Boards: Future-driven community choices

Perhaps the greatest blessing of social media has been the chance to engage with, and learn from, great thinkers and practitioners from around the world. This week, while catching up on Steven Bowman's podcast episodes, this marvelous quote leaped out at me.

Steven made that statement in an excellent episode, titled "Using Vision for Board Excellence." Obviously, one of the reasons I follow pretty much everything Steven says is because we share similar visions of the power and potential of nonprofit boards. The way he has framed the ultimate purpose of nonprofit boards is an especially concise reminder that the future is our domain and our community - however we define it - is for whom we work.

I encourage you to ponder Steven's quote and consider whether/how your board's work is set up to fulfill that purpose. How much of your time and energy do you spend looking to the future versus events that happened in the past? How much thought do you put into exploring the many choices that likely exist for any major decision before your board? And how do you gauge and incorporate the good of the community in those actions? Does your board model what my wise friend lays out for us?

I also encourage you to listen to the podcast in which he made the statement (and every episode that he's shared so far). I guarantee your board horizons will be expanded with each listen.

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