Monday, April 22, 2013

Finding governance evidence in an interview

Last night, as millions of Americans do on a Sunday evening, I watched the "60 Minutes" segment titled "The 9/11 Museum: Curating memories of terror and tragedy."

But while I initially tuned in to hear more about what sounds like a marvelous and fitting memorial to an event that changed our country, my attention soon shifted to what was being shared by the facility board members interviewed for the story. 

While this brief segment spotlighted other aspects of the project, there are surprising clues within that offer a glimpse into a few of the significant governance questions and roles that the museum board already has addressed early in this young nonprofit's life. I was fascinated by this too-brief peek into the weighty issues placed on their boardroom table.

I invite you to (re)watch this segment and pick out those moments that show the board in governance mode. What are the issues they describe? What kinds of factors did they appear to consider as they decided how to handle them? What can we take away from this segment that might be useful for other nonprofit boards?

I also came away thinking that this would be a marvelous governance case study. What little was shared here teases and begs for more.

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