Friday, March 15, 2013

Overheard: Spring thaw edition

I've been collecting so many great resources to share in the past few days that I knew I had to create some space for this week's favorite board-related links.

Carol Burnett's advice to disengaged nonprofit boards (Erik Anderson)

I don't know that my send-off always would be as warm as Ms. Burnett's, but the message of the post was a welcome sentiment. If they're not prepared to step up and do the major work of governance, we need to cut our ties. If vets overstayed their ability to think broadly and openly about the complex issues we face, it's time to retire them. Life's too short, and the work too important, to waste a board seat on someone not willing to lead.

Nonprofit board service as servant leadership? (Kevin Monroe)

There are many reasons to appreciate Kevin's framing of board service as servant leadership, but topping my list is the quote by Robert Greenleaf which, I believe, connects directly to the higher purposes that call most of us to serve. It's a good reminder and place for grounding our roles as nonprofit leaders.

Starting a nonprofit: 10 considerations in electing the initial board (Gene Takagi)

While I've served on countless boards in the last 30 years, only one has been the governing body of a start-up nonprofit. Since my fellow founding board members and I are in the midst of building a leadership team from scratch, Gene's latest post was particularly timely.

Discovering star performers on your board (JoAnn Yoshimoto)

Regular readers know my fatigue with the constant barrage of "a million ways our boards let us down" messages. This Movie Mondays video offers a lovely break from that mode: Yoshimoto encouraging us to stop long enough to appreciate talent that may go unnoticed. What hidden jewels already sit on your board? How can you help them reach your full potential?

Four nonprofit leadership traits needed now (Mark Fulop)

I couldn't help wondering how these traits - making tough people decisions, ability to execute on strategy, ability to innovate, and ability to think and act systemically - might translate in the nonprofit boardroom.

15 ways to transform your board of directors into fundraising champions (Marc Koenig)

As a reluctant fundraiser, I appreciate supportive strategies that acknowledge common fears and challenges that prevent some of us from stepping up. Seeing number 7 on the list also was nice.

What's driving your nonprofit: Opinion or expertise? (Simone Joyaux)

Because, well, it just needed to be said.

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