Sunday, February 10, 2013

Quick poll: Biggest interpersonal/group challenges in the nonprofit boardroom

As I continue to research and renew my understanding of common group challenges in this year of 'process and practice,' I'm feeling the need to gather some reader feedback on what you're encountering in the nonprofit boardroom.

What are the interpersonal incidents that stand between you and effective governance? I've set up a quick poll to gauge the impact of some of the issues that I've encountered, either on my own or in conversation with other board members.

I'll acknowledge up front that the included scenarios represent only a tiny slice of what might take place in a board setting. As important as your ratings on those I've selected is your input, via the 'other' option on what I have missed.

Please take a moment to respond to this poll, either via the embedded version below or at this link. Please also pass along to fellow board members and others who would be willing to share their opinions and experiences. I'll report back with the findings in a future post.

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