Saturday, December 8, 2012

Overheard: Dec. 8

It must be the season: Several sources offered gifts that must be shared with nonprofit boards this week.

Board development - Excerpt from helping your board tell your story (Carlo Cuesta)

Carlo must have been reading my mind during this webinar. As he began describing four things that nonprofit boards need (experiences, safe environments to share, opportunities to create, and laughter and joy), I found myself thinking, "I really need a way to share this...". A day or so later, this clip appeared on Carlo's blog. He is absolutely right about all four of those needs - especially the need for different kinds of experiences and opportunities to create. What experiences do we offer our boards, besides passive seat time listening to reports? What do we ask them to create on our behalf? So much to ponder (and act upon) in this post. By the way, if you have the chance to sign up for the next version of this free webinar, you simply must do so.

Wanted: Strong capable nonprofit boards (Lucy Marcus)

In this post, Lucy captures the essence of what boards require to succeed and lead as eloquently as I've ever seen. What a marvelous overview - and spark for meaningful discussion. Where are our strengths? What are our challenges? Where do we invest in our board's development to build its governance capacity?

Governance as Leadership: New approaches to governing nonprofits

Governance as Leadership from Hauser Center at Harvard on Vimeo.

You may not be giddy about seeing Governance as Leadership co-author William Ryan speak about the model that has so deeply influenced my thinking about the way boards lead. But seeing this "live" discussion about GAL - and especially the revolutionary generative component - made my week. It's also inspired me to act on my promise to myself to write more about this topic. In the meantime, enjoy this discussion about what's possible when boards are given the time and space to govern creatively.

Break downs on nonprofit boards (Kevin Monroe)

Kevin offers hope - and a starting point - for boards who feel stuck in a non-productive place. Sometimes, we need a little boost (and a few good questions) to move us from that broken-down place.

Thinking strategically? (Gayle Gifford)

Anything that reminds boards of the value of thinking strategically is a gift. Gayle offers "five ways to tell if you're thinking strategically" in this update. Be sure to click on the link to Gayle's "Five elements of thinking strategically" post, found at the end of this article, for an expansion.

Basic competencies of the nonprofit leader (Natasha Golinsky)

Governance may offer a specific context but, in the end, leadership is leadership. Natasha's five competencies apply as much to board members as they do do CEOs, senior staff and other volunteer leaders. Use this post as a framework for affirming your board's commitments to leading your organization to the best of their ability.

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