Sunday, December 2, 2012

Overheard: Continuing the catch-up

Today, I continue to share some of the board-friendly resources that I've been bookmarking for you this fall.

Building a strategic board: webinar excerpt (Carlo Cuesta)

This brief video presents an overview of a framework that has intrigued since Carlo shared a sneak peek awhile back. Its focus on appropriate ways to engage the board's strategic purpose reminds me of what attracted me to his approach in the first place.

Using technology to be better trustees (Louise Brown)

In addition to (re)introducing us to several free Google tools that can streamline board communication and improve access to information when needed, she reminds us that "technology" can be harnessed to enhance boards' productivity. Statewide board meetings  that require long car rides for meetings (so common in my home state) and mailed board packets simply miss the point. Find ways to harness the free and low-cost tools to make board service easier and allow members to concentrate on what's important.

Bringing a network mindset to board development (Beth Kanter)

Beth had me at "board development." She expanded its value by introducing readers to network mapping and encouraging boards to articulate and link connections that can be summoned in service to the organization.

Step up: Be an ambassador (Sarah Mackey)

Quick, practical ways for board members to promote your work and involve others in your mission - that's what Sarah offers in this post. Outreach needn't be a vague, abstract notion. It's also one of the more important responsibilities of boards. The specifics Sarah offers make that role more accessible and attractive to individual members.

5 things trusting teams do (Matt Monge)

So many of the challenges boards face come down to the interpersonal stuff.  Reaching their greatest potential requires boards to function effectively as teams. This post offers a primer on building team trust - nothing revolutionary, but a healthy reminder (and perhaps an opening to discuss areas where our boards struggle).

10 tips for better nonprofit board decisions (Kevin Monroe)

Love this list. Love it. It's good, common sense; but Kevin packages and frames it in the context of board decision making. Boards can use it in many ways to evaluate and commit to better, more thoughtful processes. As with the trust post, it's often a reminder of the basics that sparks the greatest move toward improved board effectiveness.


Louise Brown said...

Thanks so much for mentioning me in your post.

Debra Beck, EdD said...

Thanks so much for being such a great resource, Louise! I'm glad we've connected elsewhere.