Sunday, September 2, 2012

Board self-assessment: Factors that impact

As I've continued my own reflection on the value of self-assessment for nonprofit boards, I've wondered: What are the real contributions for those who incorporate it into their governance process, and what are the obstacles for those who have not done so?

To get a better sense of how boards actually use - or don't use - self-assessment in the field, I thought I'd turn to readers for feedback and examples. I'm hoping you'll take a moment to share your experiences via the quick poll below. I'm interested in hearing about what motivates your boards to engage in self-assessment, if they do. I'm interested in learning more about the factors that inhibit board participation in this reflective process.

I'm also interested in hearing more about reader perspectives on how self-assessment might contribute to board performance and effectiveness, whether it's as an integral part of their work or an aspiration. You'll find a couple of open questions at the end, asking for your thoughts about the potential that board self-assessment offers? What might be our collective vision of what is possible?

Please take a moment to respond to all, or part, of the five questions in this brief survey. Please also share the link with fellow board members and others who have board experience and encourage them to respond. While we'll never be able to generalize from this non-scientific poll, the greater the participation, the richer and more illuminating the results will be. I'll report back in a future post.

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Marion Conway said...

Good survey, Debra. Cain't wait to see the results.


Debra Beck, EdD said...

That makes two of us, Marion. :) I'm optimistic about a rich, revealing, diverse set of responses from a broad geographic area. Since I'm still deepening my own knowledge about the topic, I'm anticipating a surprise or two in the data.

Thanks again for helping to spread the word on Twitter. Encouragement from credible nonprofit sources (e.g., you!) can only help to expand the number and quality of responses.

Stay tuned!