Thursday, April 12, 2012

Quick poll results: Biggest board challenges

The results to the quick poll I posted earlier this week are in (or, more accurately, I reached my response limit in the tool.). 

I'm not completely sure I'm surprised that nothing emerged as vastly more compelling in this decidedly unscientific poll. But it's thought-provoking nonetheless to see which areas received slightly more attention than the others.

What is of interest at this point is your response to what you see here.
  • Are there any surprises, in terms of proportion of votes received (either more or less than expected)?
  • Where would you have placed your vote (and why)?
  • As broad as I tried to be in setting up the original options, I inevitably missed issues that likely should have been included. If I were to run this poll again, what should I add, and why?

Quick poll results: Biggest board challenges


Nancy Iannone said...

It doesn't surprise me that recruiting is so high, but I'm surprised that orientation is so low. I wonder if that many boards have an effective orientation, or just don't know how it could be different.

Debra Beck, EdD said...

Good point, Nancy. Bearing in mind that this was far from a scientific endeavor :), as a snapshot/gut check, it's an intriguing gap.

My own 'gut' response to that may be multi-layered:

-- Simply bringing the right people to the table is the more immediate concern. Unless that happens, everything else is a moot point.

-- As you suggest, satisfaction with existing orientation efforts may be real (what boards are doing now really is meeting their new member induction needs) or perceived (they don't necessarily know there is a different/better way).

I'm wondering if any other readers have thoughts about this.