Monday, March 19, 2012

Leading your nonprofit board: New resource

What does it take to lead a nonprofit board? What are the essential roles of a board president? How do you make the most of your board?

Those are the questions I tried to help answer for presidents attending the American Bar Association Bar Leadership Institute last week. No matter how long a presentation is scheduled, there is never enough time to fully explore the breadth and depth of what is an awesome leadership responsibility. But I did my best to convey what I see as the essence of the president's role.

In the spirit of expanding the conversation, I'd like to offer the slides from that presentation.

I'd also like to provide a link to the online handout I created for institute participants (because I know myself well enough to know I'd be tempted to err on the side of over-sharing without the ability to refer them to a supportive resource offering the detail they wanted).  It's intended to be a dynamic site, growing and evolving as other resources emerge - and my own conception of the board presidency expands.

Click here to access the online handout. I'll be expanding the site soon, inserting resources related to audience questions that were not covered directly in the workshop. I hope you'll bookmark it, refer to it often, and pass along to your successor.

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