Friday, June 17, 2011

Overheard: June 17

This week's Twitter and RSS feeds brought some gems. That would be an understatement.

Flip your mission: Framing a compelling message (Carlo Cuesta)

Oh, I am so playing this during my "Boundary-spanning boards" workshop. Carlo packs a lot into 60 short seconds, offering a fascinating approach to sharing our organization's message with greater power. I anticipate that it will resonate with many board members, and that some may need a little assistance articulating the impact of their organizations. Do you talk regularly about your nonprofit's community impact in board meetings? Do board members have the tools, vocabulary and stories to
communicate that impact effectively?

The 7x7 board member briefing (Jan Masaoka)

I'm not sure how I missed this great post when Jan published it late last month, but I'm glad it made its way back to my screen. Readers of this blog have encountered my familiar call to draw upon board member expertise to address many of the group's learning needs. What Jan describes here is one absolutely workable way to embed that into board meetings, in a compact and engaging manner.

Nonprofit boards need to step up (Todd Cohen)

This post stopped me in my tracks for two reasons. One, Todd rightfully calls boards on the carpet for common failures of leadership. More boards than not will be - should be - convicted by the evidence he lays out in making his case. Two, in the process, he manages to outline well the larger responsibilities of governance.

Are you pressuring your board? (Alexandra Peters)

Does pressuring your board to do more fundraising really work for you? No? You're not alone. Alexandra's marvelous post calls upon us to adjust our attitude, and approach, to engaging this group of leaders in more productive ways. She's frank but encouraging in the process.

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