Friday, June 3, 2011

Generations explained: Board dynamics?

Generational explanations always fascinate me. Whether or not a specific framework appeals as the "ultimate" way of grouping and describing us (as if that were possible...), there's always an element of truth that causes me to stop and think about my own interactions - and of course, how it might inform thinking about the nonprofit sector.

Discovering this video this morning, by Dave Sohigian, prompted a fresh round of reflection on how our boards engage and value members cutting across potentially four generations. This isn't a new idea. Many with greater expertise than I write, research, and consult around this issue daily. But the video sparked my thinking about the topic, and I thought I'd engage you in the discussion.

What are your experiences? What are the challenges to engaging all members - of every generation - productively and respectfully? What are the success stories you've encountered? What research in this area particularly speaks to you?

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