Friday, April 22, 2011

Overheard: April 22

On this Good Friday, I share a few of this week's favorite governance related links with readers of this blog.

5 ways to make sure board members aren't bored (Amy Eisenstein)

Bored boards. If you've been around the sector and nonprofit boards long enough, you know exactly what that looks like - and how that impacts members' motivations to serve. The theme of Amy's five recommendations boils down to one word: engagement. How are we engaging board members, individually and as a group, in governance and the mission of our organizations?

Your board is in the business of change (Robert Ballantyne)

If you're not familiar with John Carver's policy governance model, some of the specifics of this post may not make sense; but the ultimate message should resonate. Boards are not recruited to protect the status quo. They don't exist to blindly accept every recommendation handed down by the CEO or listen passively to endless reports. They exist to lead, stretch and question. They exist to govern - and to advocate for change that moves the organization closer to its mission and vision of the future.

Advisory board vs. board of directors: A distinction with a difference (Emily Chan)

Advisory boards are not commonplace in the sector. Where they do exist, there are several key distinctions that must be clear to members of that group, the governing body, and the staff. Emily's post provides an excellent overview of the major differences between the two groups.

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