Friday, February 4, 2011

Overheard: Feb. 4

A few share-worthy posts from the blogosphere and Twitter this week:

Recruiting Board Members? Make a List (Gayle Gifford)

Any resource that helps boards get past the "mad week before the annual meeting" dash to fill vacancies is a good thing. This one, by Gayle Gifford, qualifies as a great thing: It offers practical, actionable advice for systematic gathering of information on intriguing board prospects year-round. While it feels like a pretty basic idea, it's also not likely part of the practice of most of our boards. I'm also wild about the "Call for Board Members" example that she shares via a link within the post. Do take a look at that document, and share it (and the entire idea behind the post) with your boards.

Meaningful Budget Work by the Board
(Jan Masaoka)

It's impossible to share too much information about this important topic. Jan's post is one that I'll be promoting widely to boards I encounter. Focus on the big picture responsibilities will be valuable (and probably newsworthy) to most board member readers. Sharing an alternative process also feels helpful.

What is a Community of Practice
(Project Management Institute)

This video, featuring the "father" of communities of practice, Etienne Wenger, offers a good overview of the premise behind my dissertation and what I believe to be a significant potential contribution to the discussion about boards. Click here to access links to a series of posts related to my research, on nonprofit boards as communities of practice. Click here to view a video overview of that research.

Drive: The Surprising Truth about What Motivates Us (Dan Pink & RSA Animate)

Like the previous video, this one doesn't directly address boards or governance; but the topic is absolutely germane to that work. RSA Animate illustrates an audio talk by author Dan Pink, who discusses three key factors to motivation. Sharing this with your board - and facilitating a discussion about how our organization feeds those motivators for staff, volunteers and board members - would be educational and time well spent.


Gayle L. Gifford, ACFRE said...

So kind of you to share this with your readers. And it's great to get feedback on ideas that sometimes seem routine to me, but aren't necessarily so to others. And vice versa.

All the best,

Debra Beck, EdD said...

So grateful for your comment, Gayle - and your continued contributions to the development of nonprofit boards. You have so much wisdom (and plain old common sense advice) to share, and you do so willingly.