Friday, January 21, 2011

Overheard: Governance links (Jan. 21)

This week's links, courtesy of smart people on Facebook, Twitter and the blogosphere:

Non-executive directors bear heavier workload (People Management)

Corporate boards are the focus, but it prompted me to wonder: what would we find if we asked nonprofit boards the same questions? How are they handling the responsibilities of governance? Where are they spending their time? Are those responsibilities assuming more time and energy than in the past, and is that a good thing? What are the impacts on governance capacity?

Accelerating the future of board leadership: Strategies for engaging NextGen leaders now (BoardSource)

I liked the specifics provided by this particular BoardSource post. Boards could use the recommendations forwarded from the organization's annual conference to prompt discussion about how to go about cultivating and engaging younger leaders in their governance work.

Five reasons board leaders should have term limits (Rick Moyers)

If you read this blog, you already know I'm a fan of term limits for board members. I haven't given much thought to the need for term limits for board leaders, mostly because I've not yet encountered a board that has articulated that. The reverse situation - begging and pleading the reluctant - usually is the norm for boards I've known. But the leader who has overstayed his/her welcome, and the stagnation that overcomes the board, is not completely unfamiliar. The only critique of this post that I saw this week questioned whether the reasons given were too easy and superficial.

Designer boards: For a better world (Alice Korngold)

This one make the list because, well, it's Alice Korngold. But the foundational advice she offers to set a board up for success remains sorely needed by many boards, especially the governing bodies of thousands of small nonprofits. I could see including this as pre-session reading for many of the board events that I facilitate. (And, for an Alice Korngold bonus that would dovetail nicely with this one, check out her Jan. 13 post, 2011: The year to shape up nonprofit boards. You may recognize one or more of the red flags she lists.)

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