Friday, January 14, 2011

Overheard: Governance leadership (Jan. 14)

The first of this week's list of featured governance links focuses on a topic I've recommended before, mission moments. When the link to Lori Jacobwith's post popped up on Twitter, it took off almost immediately, with retweets spreading widely. Apparently, it resonated!

Mission Moments: Creating an Army of Ambassadors
(Lori Jacobwith)

While maintaining focus on mission in every governance function should be a given, it's easy to lose in the typical board meeting agenda. One fantastic, and simple, way to help ensure that our reason for being receives at least some spotlight time is to incorporate a mission moment into each session. It's also a perfect way to build an informal learning opportunity into routine board work.

10 Truths about Leadership
(via Marcia Conner)

The list that Marcia shares (from Kouzes and Posner) is not nonprofit (or governance) specific, but it offers a strong frame for pondering the essential leadership responsibilities of governance. Share it with your board. Encourage them to ponder where they are excelling and where they find challenges, individually and as a group. A simple list, it has the potential for deep and meaningful reflection that leads to transformation in their approach to fulfilling their responsibilities. Strong leadership is leadership, in any setting.

Forget the Strategic Plan (and Build Strategic Awareness Instead)
(Steven Bowman)

Steven doesn't appear in my Twitter feed often; but when he does, it's always to share something that expands my thinking about governance. This one is no exception. As the title suggests, this article offers an alternative - and ultimately more productive - way to approach the board's strategic responsibilities.

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