Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A few of my favorite: governance blogs

Today’s gift to readers is a list of some of my favorite bloggers who cover a range of nonprofit governance topics.

I learn constantly from the individual and collective wisdom of these individuals. If you don’t already subscribe to their blogs, now is the time to do so. You won’t want to miss the learning that will take place in 2011.

(Note: there’s no implied ranking in how they’re listed. Everyone’s remarkable. I pulled them, randomly, from my “governance gurus” Twitter list. Click on the blog title to access the link.)

Cause and Effect

(Gayle Gifford) With provocative questions like “Abolish the nonprofit board?” and “If fundraising is a profession, why are we so angry with our amateur board members?,” Gayle’s writing is virtually guaranteed to stretch your mind (and your assumptions about nonprofit governance).

Leading by Design

(Anne Ackerson) Anne and I have had more “great minds…” moments in 2010 than I can count, when we’ve discovered that we’re pondering the same big questions about ways to enhance the governance experience and the capacity to lead boards to greater effectiveness in fulfilling their responsibilities. She’s also a master of strategy – planning and beyond.

Alice Korngold’s Fast Company Expert Blog

(Alice Korngold) Alice gained a fan for life when I read her 2006 Leader to Leader article on the need for a fourth board duty – a duty of imagination. That led me to her Fast Company blog and a wealth of insights that have informed and expanded my understanding of governance.

Marion Conway – Consultant to Nonprofits

(Marion Conway) The breadth of topics, and the resources to fill our governance toolboxes, are two of the biggest reasons I read Marion’s blog religiously.

Creating the Future

(Hildy Gottlieb) Reading Hildy’s writing inspires a combination of “That’s exactly what I’ve been thinking” and “Wow, I never thought of that...” responses for me. She covers more than governance issues, but it’s all tied to the larger responsibilities of nonprofit boards.

Lucy Marcus Notebook

Lucy writes on a range of governance topics, always bringing something new to the table for me. As my learning journey moves into 2011, I trust that Lucy and a new group of Twitter peers (to whom she introduced me last week) will expand my corporate governance immensely.

Nonprofit Law Blog

(Gene Takagi and Emily Chan) Gene and Emily not only alert us to legal issues that should be on the radar of every nonprofit board, but they do so in ways that are accessible

Board’s Eye View

(Alexandra Peters) Alexandra can be counted on to pose questions boards likely wouldn’t know to ask – and creative ways to spark their exploration of those questions.


Marion Conway said...


It is an honor to be included on this list. You have introduced me to Alice Korngold and Anne Ackerson and I now consider them among my top resources. Now I look forward to checking out Alexandra Peters and Lucy Marcus.

I know Gayle and Hildy from Charity Channel days and have followed them for a long time.

Thanks again for introducing me to new people and for being such a great resource yourself.

Anne W. Ackerson said...

Hi, Debra --

Many thanks for the shout-out! As Marion says, it's an honor to be included in such fine company of governance thinkers.

I'm long overdue for a post or two; your post is spurring me into action!

All good wishes to you for the new year.