Friday, July 16, 2010

Webinar: Building your board

Fellow board blogger Anne Ackerson shares her wisdom with the world via an archived version of a webinar she recently conducted for the New York State Council of the Arts, titled "Fulfilling a Role of Just Filling a Seat: Developing Your Board's Capital in Challenging Times."

The treat for me: getting to hear Anne's voice and witnessing her board development skills in action. The treat for you if you choose to watch or listen to the webinar: access to a wealth of knowledge and field-based experience on maintaining board capacity and commitment amidst the daily challenges you face.

It's a recording of a live event, with a bit of introductory talk up front. Listening past that, to get to Anne's workshop, is worth the wait.

Anne's session also demonstrates that distance delivery methods can be used effectively to access board development and other learning opportunities targeting nonprofit audiences. In a geographically vast state like Wyoming, we need to be creating more of these paths to professional development.

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Anne W. Ackerson said...

Well, Debra, my face is red!! Thank you for promoting this webinar. I hope it will be useful (if not amusing) to many!!