Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Needing, creating time to think

I've written often about the critical importance - and the surprising challenge - of not only giving nonprofit boards the space to think and focus on vision and mission but expecting them to make this work their top governance priority.

This week, my friend, Hildy Gottlieb, offers up a series of posts addressing that topic with her usual eloquence. She opens with a Tuesday post, "No Time to Think," and follows up this morning with a powerful counterpoint, "Giving Boards Time to Think."

I encourage you to read, absorb, and respond to Hildy's wisdom at her blog (and, most important, forward to your board member friends). I also hope that you will return to this space to talk about how we can foster this essential work in our local boards. I am particularly interested in hearing about the obstacles you've faced in engaging your board in this work, the successes you've had, and the potential you can see if this became a focus of governance.

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