Friday, May 14, 2010

CWAM 2010: Exploring board practices

Later today, I present a workshop at the 2010 Colorado-Wyoming Association of Museums conference, introducing my new governance model, Board Practice Communities.

A lifetime has passed since I submitted the proposal and title. Last fall, at deadline time, my dissertation research and what it might contribute in 'real life' was still a jumble in my brain (an inevitable part of the process, I am told). The title I assigned it, "Mission-Driven Boards," reflected the one certainty I felt at the time.

Much has happened since that I e-mailed that proposal. For starters, I've resolved that "where does all of this lead" question - at least for the foreseeable future. Board Practice Communities is a work in progress, but it is a research-driven contribution to the governance conversation that I am proud to begin sharing.

I'm sharing my slides now, while the promise of a presentation-yet-to-be-given still flows. I welcome feedback, either here or on the wiki developed to support this work. (Be sure to visit the online handout created for this presentation and others to come. You'll find links to myriad resources on governance, those related to the workshop and those I've inevitably not had time to address.)

The other major shift: my expanded clarity about where all of this really begins: with the organization's vision of the future. If I were to re-submit that proposal today, I would aim much higher than the mission.

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