Sunday, April 25, 2010

Taking Board Practice Communities public

It's been a full year since I successfully defended my doctoral dissertation, describing case study research on the ways in which nonprofit boards learn. From the beginning of the doctoral journey, being able to share the results of my work with a practitioner audience - making an impact on governance practice - was my goal.

I've spent the last year exploring how I might build a framework that would not only expand board members' understanding of governance but also inspire them to embrace the richer and more fulfilling aspects of the work that we too often forget is part of the job. I also intended to create a theory-driven, practical model from which I could build: to have opportunities to delve deeply - in my writings, trainings, and facilitation work - into the core elements.

Along the way, Board Practice Communities was born. What it looks like today will evolve over time, as feedback and field experience point the way to the model's strengths and to places where further thinking is necessary. But I'm ready to take it public, and I will soon: at the 2010 Colorado-Wyoming Association of Museums annual conference in Laramie on May 14.

Since this will become the foundation of my scholarly and sector-level work, I have set up a site (a wiki) that will act as a resource for participants in workshops like the CWAM session. It also will serve as a repository for both my original work and the sources that inform it. It also will act as a home for discussions related to this work. I was inspired to set up this site after reading Cliff Atkinson's The Backchannel.

This morning, I took the next step and changed its status to "public." That means I can now share it with readers of this blog, and with anyone else interested in learning more about my work. What you will find there today is pretty basic stuff; but it will grow, soon. A version of the May 14 presentation will be uploaded shortly before the workshop takes place.

Click here to access my site. Join in the discussion; sign up for RSS feeds of any of the pages or the discussion. Become part of my brain trust as Board Practice Communities goes live and beings to expand the conversation about fulfilling nonprofit governance.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Albany County Boards Initiative: Assessing needs

The Albany County Boards Initiative (ACBI) is a grassroots effort to develop a supportive peer community of nonprofit leaders. As the initiative takes a step closer to reality, we're asking members of our local boards to tell us more about their networking and continuing education needs.

If you serve on a nonprofit board in Albany County, please take a moment to complete a quick (five minutes or less) online survey. Results of this survey will assist us in planning community-level board development and networking events.

Click here to take survey

Please share this post with your fellow board members and with friends who serve on other community boards.