Thursday, December 10, 2009

How is your board engaged?

One of the great benefits of embracing social media for me has been the opportunity to find, befriend, and learn from wise and creative nonprofit minds. Hildy Gottlieb of the Tucson-based Community-Driven Institute is one of those treasures.

Yesterday, Hildy shared this profound comment on Twitter. It stopped me in my tracks, not because the idea was new, but because the way in which she articulated it was so profound and so lovely. Hildy tweeted:
"An energized board is engaged in making a difference, and engaged in engaging others to make a difference."
How does your board engage others in the mission of your nonprofit? How do you communicate your passion for your work and your commitment to your nonprofit's mission? How do you draw others in and help them see that they can, indeed, make a difference?

How would success in this boundary-spanning work energize you, and your board peers, for the leadership role that you play?

How can you engage someone on behalf of your nonprofit today?

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