Thursday, December 17, 2009

Great board-focused video series

My Twitter feed yesterday reintroduced me to a terrific set of brief videos by a friend with whom regular readers are now familiar, Hildy Gottlieb.

Watching these brief videos again, from an August workshop on "Building an Energized Board," inspired me to share the whole series with you while pointing out some of my favorites. You'll see links to each clip on the righthand side. Click on any title that interests you to access the video.

I do want to point out my favorites, those I consider to be must-watch. Topping that list is a clip on boards as guardians of organizational vision. That is your ultimate purpose as a governing body. Nothing you do is more important or has more impact on the future of your nonprofit than keeping and advocating for the vision. Click here to view Hildy's comments on this critical topic.

"Boards and Values," accessed here, emphasizes the absolute importance of 'walking the talk.' Does your board ground its decision making in your organization's values? If not, you are failing to meet your responsibilities.

"Boards & Vision: Turning Passion into Action" reminds us that our organizational vision is not about your better future. It's about your community's better future. How to harness that energy to actually move toward that better future is the task at hand.

Every clip on the list offers something to ponder - and potential to transform your board. My gift to you today is the invitation to spend a few minutes watching these videos, share them with your fellow board members, and reflect as a group on how you can commit to a more effective 2010.

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