Monday, December 28, 2009

Series: Boards as communities of practice

Following are links to each post of the six-part series introducing my dissertation research to readers of this blog.

Part one, "The research: Finding focus," describes the focus of the study, as well as my motivations for embarking on the project.

Part two, "The theory behind the research," introduces the theoretical perspectives underpinning my work.

Part three, "Domain: The board's reason for being," outlines the key findings of this component of a community of practice.

Part four, "Community: The organizational foundation," discusses the second component and the findings that supported it in my research.

Part five, "The practice of effective boards," shares the compelling findings that illustrate the third component of a community of practice.

Part six, "Research: Takeaway messages for nonprofit boards," wraps up the series and offers four of the most critical findings that would benefit governing bodies.

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