Sunday, November 22, 2009

Reflecting on ARNOVA 2009

I had good intentions for blogging as well as tweeting from the 2009 ARNOVA conference, but a multi-day rush of great information and thought-provoking conversations about all things nonprofit left my brain overloaded by the time I sat down to write a new post.

When wireless access allowed, I tweeted from the sessions I attended. My Twitter profile offers a glimpse into the ideas I found most share-worthy in those sessions. It's not the same as being in the room, but it will offer a glimpse into what I considered to be important (see the tweets dated 11/18-21).

Particularly exciting was the chance to sit in on several fascinating sessions on nonprofit governance, and to engage a new peer group in conversations that identified many intersections between our individual research interests. An observation made during those talks: the ways in which our respective efforts focused on individual motivations, shared meaning making, and group communication processes. We've committed to continue the discussion and, best of all, explore collaboration.

This was my first experience with social reporting. I must admit that it was exciting to not only share my thoughts via Twitter but to read what my peers were posting in real time from the sessions they were attending. It also gave me a sense of what is possible, and how technology can help extend the reach of rich learning opportunities. The potential is great, especially for our more 'local' efforts (like the Snowy Range Nonprofit Institute).

I'm still processing all that I have learned from this trip to Cleveland. Other posts may expand upon some of the ideas that resonate, as I reflect on how they might apply to readers of this blog.

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John C. Ronquillo said...

Debra - we could not have pulled off such a successful social media coverage without you. Your tweets were profuse, insightful, and asked great questions we should all be keeping in mind. Thanks so much for dedicating some of your conference time to this!!