Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What is your nonprofit fish?

The morning RSS feed brought a link to the latest post at one of my favorite nonprofit blogs, Blue Avocado. The post, "Nonprofit Fish Quiz," introduces a fun online activity designed to offer a snapshot description of your comfort level swimming in the "nonprofit ocean."

The direct link to the quiz can be found in the Blue Avocado post, or here. It's quick, easy and interesting.

While it's probably written to target those employed in the sector, having board members take the quiz and then compare results would be a terrific developmental exercise. (I'm a "Blue Whale:" I am "thoroughly immersed in nonprofit culture" and can "swim anywhere in the ocean.") How committed to nonprofit work are your members? What's better for your organization: consensus and full commitment or diversity of motivations and interest? How have individual members exemplified the outcome of their quiz on behalf of your organization?

Periodic group reflection, particularly reflection that affirms members' commitment to your mission, is healthy for any nonprofit board. It is healthy for your organization, too, as board members have new opportunities to clarify and commit to their critical role in your success.


Jan Masaoka said...

What a great idea for people to encourage people to write quizzes! I'm glad you enjoyed the Quiz and understood the light spirit in which it was created. Would it be okay if I posted your comment to the Blue Avocado website? Jan

Debra said...

Absolutely, Jan. I'm pleased to help reinforce the importance of finding creative ways to inspire (and focus).