Sunday, July 19, 2009

Questions for mission leadership

As I write this entry, I’m putting the finishing touches on the agenda for a retreat focused on a discussion I wish more boards would have amongst themselves.

Usually, when I am asked to facilitate a retreat, the goal is focused on a specific outcome, often a strategic plan (or the framework for a plan – it’s virtually impossible to create a complete, useful plan in four to eight hours). In this case, I’m helping the board engage in an extended conversation about its leadership role.

While I’ll leave the specifics of the session to the retreating board, I thought I’d share some of the general questions that will help frame the discussion.
  • How are we, as a governing body, moving our organization closer to its mission?
  • How am I taking an individual leadership role in that process?
  • How can we frame our work (e.g., how we spend our meetings) to enhance our governance responsibilities?
  • How do we move forward?
How might such a conversation be used to guide your board to greater productivity as a group and greater governance leadership?

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